See how to transform complexity into efficiency
Scriptor Server makes available a tool capable of meeting the needs of both non-technical users who want to digitize their processes and IT teams aiming to build complex applications in a short period of time, increasing productivity and greatly reducing the cost of developing applications from scratch.
How does scriptor server work?
In Scriptor Server a process is defined by 3 steps:
  • The form that defines the structure of the information
  • The actors that interact in it
  • The life-cycle by which your information will go through in the process
At the end, you will be able to extract metrics in order to evaluate your goals and the performance of each process.
A simple way to define processes
The data form structures all the process relevant information. Scriptor Server supports different kinds of fields and data types with a wide range of complexity.
Scriptor Server allows you to set permissions, roles and profiles for each user, ensuring the proper control of the information access.
Scriptor Server provides a powerful graphic workflow editor, that allows you to easily define and manage, step by step, the whole information life cycle in a process.
Scriptor Server provides customisable dashboards to run real-time analysis of key business indicators, transforming decision making in an easy task.
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