Viatecla develops a web portal for Slow Dentistry

Serving an international dental practices association

Have you ever felt at least the tiniest of uneasiness at the dentist's chair? Be honest. If you have, that's fine. Because a set of perfect teeth can be a welcoming card either in business or in your personal life, Slow Dentistry was created, to make all patients feel at ease. 

Viatecla incorporated that philosophy in the development of a web portal for this international network of dental practices and doctors all over the world, whose mission is to improve the standards of dental care in clinics worldwide.

Slow Dentistry's goal is to make the patient feel safe and sure that the doctor will take all the time they both need at the dentist's appointment.  Which is more or less what we do here at Viatecla, making sure we take our time to understand our clients' requirements and to provide them with exactly what they need.  

Slow Dentistry® relieves all the worries of everybody that is at least a little bit afraid of going to the dentist and doctors who are concerned about providing their patients with the best care. Rest assured, so do we with our technology solutions.

Slow Dentistry's web portal, by Viatecla, can be seen here. Stay tuned for the next developments.
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