ViaTecla delivers “Claims Management System” to Alicorp, in Peru

With Scriptor Server, Alicorp's sellers can automatically register claims on their mobile devices and check their progress anytime.

The client is always right but, nevertheless, having an effective claims management system is crucial to many enterprises and half the battle to keeping customers satisfied, therefore more prone to keeping their loyalty to a certain company or product.

Alicorp, a Peruvian company part of Grupo Romero with presence in Latin America, needed for the B2B division a reliable system that allowed their sellers to automatically register on their mobile devices all different types of customers' claims. And that was when ViaTecla was called to develop an app that allows each seller not only to register the claims - that afterwards follow their path in a complex workflow - but also to check the status of any claim anytime, making it possible to give feedback of each claim, in real time.  

ViaTecla was also responsible for the implementation of all the process workflow in Scriptor Server Back Office, providing the largest Peruvian consumer goods company with a powerful tool with a vital impact in process automation where all stakeholders have access to the back office so they can perform their part in the process, assuring the security of all the data as this was one of Alicorp's main concerns.

At the end of the claim process, the client is invited to answer a satisfaction survey so that the process can go forward with all customers' feedback. Scriptor Server proved to be a perfect fit for these requirements, owning all the built-in pieces to respond quickly to yet another challenge.
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