Viatecla creates Power Simulator for ERSE

Viatecla creates Power Simulator for ERSE

New simulator developed by Viatecla helps consumers choose the power they should hire

New simulator developed by Viatecla helps consumers choose the power they should hire

ERSE, the entity responsible for regulating energy services in Portugal, just celebrated national Energy Day by launching a new simulator, created by Viatecla.  This Power simulator allows consumers to estimate the power they should hire once they know their simultaneous use of electrical equipment. 

With a responsive design (adapted to all screen dimensions), the new ERSE simulator offers not only the possibility of identifying the most rational power to be hired by each customer but it also enables them to quantify the economic impact on their invoice.  Easy to use, this new tool replaces the previous simulator on the ERSE website. The user can define which appliances he uses at the same time and a recommended power value is displayed.

Viatecla had already been responsible for the development of ERSE's billing and labeling simulators.  "With the increasing liberalization of the market and the consequent diversification of commercial offers and awareness of the efficiency of electric energy consumption, there remains a need to provide consumers with a tool capable of, on the one hand, guide the choice of hired power that best meets their needs, and, on the other hand, demonstrate the significance of the use behaviors of domestic electrical equipment in this billing variable", says Pedro Seabra, CEO of Viatecla.

In the new ERSE simulator, a set of Viatecla technological pieces was used, highlighting its Content Manager and Workflow Scriptor Server, whose success has already been shown in different simulation environments, including ERSE itself.

You can check out the new simulator here.
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