The challenge of content creation and delivery

Content creation and delivery in digital format has been a challenge since the beginning of the digital era. It is a continuously and fast changing market with new devices, information formats and distribution models coming almost every day.

For the past 18 years, Viatecla, has been working close with the customers and partners to deliver solutions all over the world. The need of large corporations from de industry market like REN and Grupo Romero that have to communicate efficiently to the market and huge internal teams, media groups like Cofina and Impresa that produce high volumes of information for the mass market, online e-commerce clients like Abreu, CI and BskyB that must manage information to promote their products in a seamless way for multiple distribution channels.
These challenges are hard to answer. Each of these clients has its priorities and needs, so the solutions that we at Viatecla deliver must be easily adaptable to each project to bring our experience and R&D investment to the client vision and goals. Our global market experience also taught us that each market has specific needs and realities in terms of culture, formats and platforms of information and payments and specific technological realities that our clients must address and they are present in more than one market. 
With the experience and knowledge we built a set of highly customizable platform and tools that allow us to deliver high quality solutions to our customers:
• Scriptor Server: A Content Management solution that has out of the box solutions to manage and deliver information to any device using responsive design and web app technologies. It's unique architecture allows companies to adapt the information format and workflow to their needs without IT skills.
• Nicereader: A rich content production and delivery for magazines and reports with special focus on the tablet market. With nicereader multimedia and interactive content is created once and delivered to all platforms: ios, android, windows8 and web
• Flowdocuments: Create rich content that uses the best of the web and mobile worlds and deliver it to any device in a high quality experience
• Futurebox: Content creation and delivery for internal corporate tv and online channels using video and dynamic information from media and business sources
If you want to know more, please contact us for a demo or visit our website for additional information. You will be surprised with the fast time to market, usability and low investment of time and money to have a solution made for your needs.
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