Scriptor Server technology gains new customers

REN's new website has signed Viatecla

Viatecla was the company selected by REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, for the creation and development of their new website, now online in
This was developed using Viatecla technology, Scriptor Server, a platform for content management and process management, agile and versatile solution for internet and / or intranet, extranet and e-commerce.

Designed to be REN first point of contact with all its stakeholders, the new site of the company has a redesigned layout, content organized to allow an easier and simple navigation and viewing possibility on different platforms such as browser, tablets or smartphones.
The homepage of REN website presents an interactive map, which shows all the national gas and electricity distribution networks of REN, from north to south. The new version of this site provides information about the company's activity, namely, what it does and why. As well as offer more interactivity with users through the possibility of consulting the graphs of gas and electricity consumption in real time.

For Filipe Clérigo, CTO of Viatecla, "The new web reality in which users are always online through various platforms requires to the publishers, agile and practical solutions to quickly put new content online. Scriptor Server platform has been chosen by all kind of organizations, for editing and publishing their content on the web for its effectiveness, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. "
After designing several innovative projects in the energy sector, such as energy simulators Casa+ or invoicing of Electric Power, the experience of Viatecla in these projects contributed decisively to be selected by REN for this project. The interactive content and adaptability to any platform, browser, smartphone or tablet, are some of the gains of this website that we highlight.

This year, Viatecla was responsible for the development and redesign of the websites of several reference institutions, such as: Santa Casa da Misericórdia de LisboaCiteveTOP AtlânticoNetviagens, B2B - CI (Brazil).
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