Scriptor Server powers REN’s internal communication

REN's newsletter "EmRede" is now more digital, with an easier navigation and sent automatically through Scriptor Server

Engaging, fun and social yet business focused are all words that should portray internal communications and help companies to communicate with their staff and stakeholders. One way to do this is through an internal newsletter that should be able to show organizational changes, product updates and developments, innovation in the industry and even competitor info, events, HR communications, messages from the CEO and much more.

By keeping the content relevant and the layout appealing, organizations make sure the team will keep reading the company newsletter all the while sharing activities and news from one department across the whole enterprise.  Aware of its importance, REN (Portuguese National Energy Networks) entered 2018 with an all renewed newsletter powered by Scriptor Server that, among its many features, also makes it possible for newsletters to be a powerful internal communication instrument.

Scriptor Server has, for instance, permitted REN to progress from a manually created newsletter, to a solution where they can build and send their own newsletters automatically. The newsletter also has a new layout that was naturally incorporated into Scriptor Server platform. Now REN can setup everything concerning the newsletter: texts, photos, links, etc. and send it through Scriptor Server to all staff and stakeholders.  It also allows the firm to automatically save all newsletters previously sent through the platform, thus creating an history of them all. 

REN's newsletter "EmRede" is now more digital, with an easier navigation, keeping focus on the essential sections of the publication: Enterprise, People and Sustainability.  

Scriptor Server and ViaTecla are proud to be part of REN's growth and development.
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