Scriptor Server makes a debut in Chile, continuing its expansion in South America

The 360 evaluation solution allows managers to evaluate their teams' performance in an easy, agile and organised way.

The Falabella Group, one of the largest economic groups in South America, operates in different areas such as banking, travelling, retail or real estate.   

With 110 thousand employees in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia, Falabella controls hundreds of departments stores, supermarkets and shopping malls which made the company in great need of a versatile and agile solution to provide the Human Resources Departments of the several companies within the Chilean group, with a powerful tool to assess and evaluate the whole staff.  

After being present in Brazil and Peru for some years now, ViaTecla developed this new technological solution for Falabella Group, that allows every step of a complete employee evaluation whilst dematerializing all paperwork and continuing to expand in South America. 

Based on Scriptor Server, the 360 evaluation solution has allowed managers to evaluate their teams' performance in an easy, agile and organised way, completely integrated with the group's existing evaluation systems. This will help Falabella group improve the efficiency of the whole evaluation process. The project was implemented in record time and is proving to be another success case of helping businesses find the right solutions to answer their daily challenges and also to break the heavy slow barriers put up by some technology projects.
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