How Scriptor Server helped RTP change internal communications

Through Scriptor Server, ViaTecla created a fully modular and configurable intranet, dedicated exclusively to the over 2 thousand employees stationed all around the globe.

Communicating effectively is a vital step to success in every company, no matter its size, and this includes internal communication.  If the teams are well aware of what other members of the team or other departments are doing, everyone will feel more engaged and motivated. Therefore, more prone to contribute to the common good and achieve more as one big team.

Hence internal communications being paramount to inspire the whole organization.  As it has been growing and becoming more sophisticated, it's fundamental that internal communications resorts to the use of the latest technologies.

Having this challenge in mind, RTP, the Portuguese National Television, found it very important to create a connection with the teams, to communicate effectively inside the organization which led to ViaTecla being asked to implement RTP's intranet.

With the many resources available to our versatile and agile product Scriptor Server, ViaTecla was able to create this intranet, dedicated exclusively to the over 2 thousand employees stationed all around the globe.  Totally integrated with Office 365 and with other RTP's applications, each member of staff is able to access the many areas that constitute this intranet, from wherever they are.  

In a fully modular and configurable intranet in which each department has autonomy to manage their respective area - be it Human Resources, Financial or Marketing - RTP workers can get information as diverse as the channel's audiences, a calendar of events or the cafeteria's menu. In addition, there are internal communications available, employee profiles, news and interviews, doctor's schedules, and connection to all the company's different social networks, among other valuable information for the whole staff.   All possible with Scriptor Server.
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