Did you know that Scriptor Server 10, has a new homepage that can be fully customized?

You can define several types of objects in this dashboard. For example, in the recent updated extranet, you can find metrics by client related to the issues process, but this is only one way to use this new homepage.

You can have multiple dashboard definitions and set objects like: link to content creation, link to content list views, link to channel properties edition, link to other dashboard, and metrics with the possibility to define the operation from: count, sum or average. Those metrics are based on a field or a set of fields, and you can also define an aggregation column to get aggregated results. Finally you can decide how to present this information, choosing between text, pie chart or bar chart.

This represents a paradigm shift in Scriptor Server platform that tries to answer the criticism of being an environment for people with technological background, approaching more and more to the typical everyday user.
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