Events check-in made (very) easy

The app allows check-in even when offline

What if you could organize your event or congress and welcome your guests effortlessly and swiftly through the use of a mobile app that reads their unique attributed code? Now you can.

With Scriptor Server's new developed mobile application, there will be no need to register the presence of the invitees on paper or even on the computer because with this solution you can register it directly with the use of a simple smartphone. 

The app was specially developed for this year's edition of Publituris "Roadshow das Viagens" and it was a success that allowed Publituris to welcome all 500 travel agents in the 3 workshops by using a simple smartphone.  Each agent was assigned a QR code that was read at the entry of each event automatically allowing the registry of the presence of the previously enrolled travel agent.

The same happened in each stand that the guest visited.  Each of the exhibitors also had the possibility of reading the travel agent's QR code, and be automatically provided with that travel agent's data and presence at that stand.  This also enabled visitors to take part in the final draw of various prizes offered by the companies present at the event.

This app works offline which means there's the possibility to register the guest even if the internet is not working as it will synchronize later, making it an even better asset for any company who organizes events. 
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